AOL Email Is Not Working On iPhone, What To Do?

17 Jun

AOL is a free web supported email service offered by AOL. It is the most widely used email service in the United States. Users do enjoy the convenience of email from all of their devices. But nowadays users starting to complain about the service on mobile devices especially on devices that are running iOS.

Well, if you are the one who is facing issues on AOL mail on their iPhone. Here are some tips you can employ to make it working again. Whatever the issue is, just remember to contact the AOL customer service number to get instant support. They are a professional support team dedicated to working towards making the AOL mail experience better for users.

Let’s get started.

Airplane mode

Firstly, if you are encountering the issue in the app, it might be at your end. Because AOL email works only with internet, it is possible that your iPhone’s internet is not working properly. So, to do that you can turn your Airplane mode on and off.

  • Go to settings and toggle the switch in front of Airplane Mode.

  • Wait for a few minutes before toggling it back on.

  • See if your Wi-Fi or cellular is active or not (AOL mail needs a strong internet connection to connect to its servers).

Reset Network settings

If that doesn’t cut it then the next obvious step is resetting network settings. This will have a greater impact than the Airplane Mode.

  • Tap on Settings

  • Tap on General

  • Scroll down to Reset option and tap on it

  • Then tap on Reset Network Settings

  • Confirm it by tapping again

  • Once the network is reset try logging into your AOL mail account

If that is not working for you or you are not able to reset network settings. Look for AOL Support phone number online and get their help to resolve all the issues.

Delete your AOL account

Okay, you have checked all the possibilities for internet connection and now it’s time to check to see if the problem is from the server side. First, you need to remove your account and then log in again to see if the problem is fixed.

Step to remove the AOL account from the iPhone.

  • Go to settings, and look for Accounts and Passwords section

  • Tap on it to see the list of accounts logged in your iPhone

  • Find the AOL account and tap on it

  • Now tap on Delete account button to remove the AOL account from iPhone

  • Now, add your AOL account again by clicking on Add account option from the Accounts and Passwords

This fix is likely to solve your problem, but if the problem persists you need to contact AOL phone number. You’ll get instant access to a wide array of solutions to your problem.

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